Upgrade Your Health: The Power Of Food

February 4, 2022

According to recent data from the NHIS, over 51% of adults suffer from chronic illness, while nearly 30% suffer from multiple diseases.

Now, imagine being able to upload a program into your body that could help it run better, fight off disease, and function more efficiently – like computer software.

Well, the good news is – you can!

That software is FOOD; bits of information that can either upgrade and protect your system or harm your system like malware, corrupting its files, and making it run slower until one day it takes over completely.

You hold the power, the choice, every single day, as to which type of information you put into your body.

Keep reading to learn more about the power of food as information and how to use food to upgrade your system.

What Is Food?

In its basic form, food contains energy and is what we use to fuel our bodies. This takes place through a chemical process that breaks down food to create ATP, the fuel that powers our cells.

Though we need this fuel, food is much more than just fuel. Food contains many other vital resources our bodies need to survive, such as micronutrients, phytochemicals, water, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and other yet-to-be-discovered compounds.

Food contains instructions that tell our body how to function and what tasks it should operate, much like a running script. Imagine what would happen if you only ever put fuel into your car but didn’t care to add engine oil, brake fluid, or transmission fluid.

Sure, it would run for a while, but then all sorts of problems would arise, and eventually, your vehicle would stop running altogether. Just like the different elements of food, each component plays a crucial role in the system.

Fail to give your body everything it needs, and it will react like an engine without oil – your systems would weaken, causing you to get sick, regardless of how much “fuel” is in the tank.

All Food Is Not Created Equal

Now that we know that the value of food extends beyond caloric intake, let’s look at how different foods can affect us.

If food is information, your mouth is akin to an information decoding unit, choosing its information based on a sensory level – taste. That’s why the information provided by Haagen-Dazs can be an addicting and easy choice.

But it’s important not to let your taste buds limit, or rule, your information intake. Remember, just like the quality of gas or oil you put into your car affects it, the quality of your food affects you.

Many “foods” are laden with malware, things like highly processed sugars, chemicals, and artificial ingredients that can damage and destroy your system over time.

Eating a variety of whole, living, nutrient-dense foods can provide your body with the tools it needs to fight off the bad guys – like powerful anti-malware protection, warding off viruses that are trying to hack your system.

How Your Diet Affects Your Genes

Not only can you reprogram your tastebuds through the foods you eat, but you can also reprogram the information coded within your genes.

Through the studies of epigenetics and nutrigenetics, scientists have learned that food is a vehicle through which important information enters your body and has a conversation with every cell.

This conversation can alter weight, body composition, blood pressure, cholesterol, cancer cells, and even the aging process. “Do this, don’t do that.” It says. “Release these hormones, not those. Express this protein, not that one.”

These instructions initiate a chemical chain reaction that sends signals throughout the body, switching genes on and off, telling the cleaning crew when to clean up and the construction crew to wait on standby.

Ultimately, what you put IN your body, is what you’ll get OUT of it. If you give it everything it needs, all parts will work harmoniously to help you feel good. But deprive it or introduce harmful additives into the system, and you can expect to face the consequences.

Upgrade Your Health Using Food!

Food as fuel is only a tiny part of the equation – you are more than just a caloric bookkeeper. Your body and food are potent vehicles for information that deserve recognition and honor.

Each bite you take is an opportunity to shape your performance, health, and well-being. Food has a direct impact on your mood, energy level, relationships, among others. So, if food tells a story – what story do you want to tell your body?

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